The Association’s mission is to contribute to an international network of professionals in international mobility, and to assist companies in their international expansion.

The objectives of the AIAL are to:

  1. Assist companies in their international expansion and in international labour mobility.
  2. Create an international network to promote the pursuits of our members at a global level.
  3. Gain more profound knowledge of the different areas of legislation involved in the global labour mobility (employment, tax, migration, social security and ORP).

In the everyday fulfilment of its mission, the association will focus on:

    1. Promoting learning activities, conferences, seminars and meetings.
    2. International mobility forums and consultations.
    3. Recognising the top expert in international mobility in different areas of expertise:
      1. Employment
      2. Tax
      3. HR
      4. Social Security
      5. Migration
      6. Occupational Risk Prevention
    4. Sign collaboration agreements with public and/or private associations and entities with an international focus.
AIAL is an association of professionals in the area of international mobility, founded with the mission of assisting and supporting companies through their international expansion.
  • Innovative Spirit: Being an active leader in legal, employment, social security tax, occupational risk prevention and migration law research at international level.
  • Global outlook: Becoming the benchmark organisation for international labour mobility.
  • Commitment to ethics and independence: AIAL is a non-profit association not affiliated to any political party, trade union or business association.